5 Reasons Why Xbox One X Should Be Your Top Choice Gaming Console

Esports is fast becoming more and more popular all over the world with each passing day and is right on the track to become a huge global industry. The fact that recently coronavirus pandemic has also forced a lot of people throughout the world to remain indoors, more and more people especially youngsters are fast attracting towards Esports and gaming.
A lot of people who are new into gaming and want to buy new gaming consoles for a better and more personalized gaming experience usually don’t have much idea about gaming consoles or which gaming console will best meet their requirements and needs.
Among a wide range and variety of gaming consoles, there is an option that stands out among all and can be an ultimate gaming solution, especially for the new gamers who want to experience 4K resolution, powerful processor, a wide variety of exclusive games, and all of it at a decent price. Take a list of best cheap 2020 laptops for games in Dubai.
You might have guessed by now who I’m talking about, yes it’s the Xbox One X gaming console. Further in this article, I will be explaining what makes Xbox One X stand out from the rest and why it should be your top choice gaming console.

1. Unmatched Processing Power

There can be a comparison of the variety and quality of games Xbox One X offers with other gaming consoles but when it comes to processing power Xbox one X takes the lead by miles. There is undoubtedly no other gaming console out in the market that comes close to Xbox One X when it's about the processing power. Xbox One X comes with a 6-teraflop Scorpio engine which makes it the world’s most powerful gaming console.

2. True 4K Experience

Another major selling point of Xbox one X is the Pure and immersive 4k experience it offers. If you want to buy a gaming console to play games in native 4K then you must go for Xbox One X. Even its closest competitor PS4 Pro doesn’t offer the type of 4K experience that Xbox One X offers.
Xbox One X also comes with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive that enables you to watch 4K Blu-rays. Get best Xbox repair srvices in Dubai 2020 at cheap rates.

3. Ultimate Game Pass Subscription

When it comes to value for money Xbox takes the lead there as well with its game pass subscription. It’s a monthly subscription that regularly keeps adding new and exclusive games that you can play and download as well.
With a monthly subscription fee of just $15, you get the game pass subscription along with Microsoft live with Gold, the service which is required to play online games.
With this ultimate subscription, Microsoft provides 4 new games every month to the Gold customers.
The biggest advantage of Game Pass is that it offers a buffet of games from which you can choose that best for yourself.

4. Backward Compatibility

Another intelligent and clever thing that Microsoft has done is the Backward Compatibility which means that it has made tons of older games for Xbox and Xbox 360 compatible with Xbox One X. Microsoft has optimized hundreds of older games and enhanced their overall quality that includes improved graphics for Xbox One X.
Microsoft Backward Compatibility has given Xbox a clear edge over its competitor Sony Play Station.

5. Microsoft’s Wide Range of Studios

Microsoft plans to release a variety of diverse and exclusive games for its gaming consoles especially Xbox 1 X and for that reason, it has acquired some of the top independent studios for game production. Some of the most prominent of them are Mojang, The Coalition, 343 Industries, Playground Games, and Ninja Theory.
With the acquisition of these studios, Microsoft has made its intentions clear that they will keep releasing a streak of exclusive games for its Xbox family of gaming consoles. Take a list of best recovery software of lost data of your computer.


Your decision for buying a gaming console may depend on several factors like native 4k experience, good user interface, powerful processor, a variety of games, etc. So the final decision depends on you. Xbox One X takes the lead when it comes to the power of the processor, whereas PS4 has an edge when it comes to user interface and VR experience.
But Microsoft’s Game pass and backward compatibility of existing games put Xbox One X distinctly on the top of all.