Here Are Four Simple Ways You Can Transfer Your Photos To Laptop Or PC Seamlessly

If You are an iPhone user and especially a new one and you want to transfer your iPhone photos to your laptop or PC to a secure backup of your precious or memorable photos or you want to free up your iPhone storage to make room for some other vital data or you want to transfer your personal or private photos to your laptop for better privacy or any other reason than this article is for you.
There can be a whole lot of reasons you want to transfer your photos to your laptop or PC and it can be a bit confusing especially for the newbies to transfer their photos of iPhone to Laptops without facing any hindrance.
Therefore here we have compiled a list of the best ways through which you can transfer photos from iPhone to laptop or PC with ease. Just follow the simple steps shared below and you will be able to export the photos from your iPhone to your laptop with ease.
Here is a list of simple ways, how to transfer photos from iPhone to Laptop.

1. Transfer Photos From iPhone To Laptop Using Windows AutoPlay

If you are a Windows OS user on a laptop or PC then this is the easiest and quickest way to photos transfer from iPhone to the laptop. Windows Os has a built-in autoplay system through which photos can be exported from an iPhone to a laptop easily. The process of transferring the photos is as follows
  • First of all, you have to establish a connection between your iPhone and your Windows laptop.
  • Just as the connection gets established an AutoPlay window will appear automatically on your laptop screen, then you just need to click on the option ‘Import Pictures”.
  • After you have clicked the import option, the AutoPlay will start detecting the photos that you wish to transfer to the laptop. This process won’t take a lot of time.
  • After the completion of the detection process, you need to select the import option, but if want to make some additional specific settings then you should click the more option to set the direction or location. 
  • After making the necessary settings now you can press Ok to complete the transfer process.Have you lost data from Iphon?Cheackout how to recover data of Iphone.

2. Transfer iPhone Photos To Laptop Using Photos App

Photos App is a built-in program in both Windows and Mac Operating systems through which you can transfer photos from an iPhone to a laptop.

For Windows Laptop

  • For exporting iPhone photos to Windows laptop connect your iPhone with your laptop by a USB  cable
  • Then open the Photos App from the start menu. Once the App is opened, click on the Import option then choose From a USB cable after that click on the photos you want to transfer, and finally click on Import to finish the process. Recover the data for windows.

For Mac laptop

  • Connect your Mac laptop with your iPhone through a USB cable, then open Photos App from the Launchpad. Read here how to recover data of Mac.
  • Once the App is opened click the Import tab, then select the photos, after that click the selected number of photos or Import All Items to finish the transferring process.

3. Transfer Photos From iPhone to Laptop With iCloud

Another quick and easy way to transfer your iPhone photos to your laptop is through iCloud. 
  • Just go to your iPhone’s settings and enable iCloud and turn on photo Stream.
  • Then download the iCloud control panel on your Windows PC. Then sign-in with your Apple ID.
  • After that enable the ‘photos’.Then the iCloud software will make a copy of the photos on your laptop when connected with wifi.

4. Wirelessly Sync iPhone Photos to Mac Laptop

If you are a Mac user, you can wirelessly iPhone photos transfer to your Mac laptop or PC using Airdrop. Just make sure that wifi and Bluetooth are turned on for both your iPhone and laptop. Further steps are as follows.
  • First of all Enable Airdrop on your iPhone and Mac computer. To do that open the finder window on your Mac, click on the AirDrop, and also choose everyone. Then go into the control center of your iPhone and enable Airdrop and everyone option.
  • Open the Photos App on your iPhone and select the photos you want to sync. Then click on the share option then select Airdrop and wait for the Airdrop message to popup on your Mac computer.
  • Then the photos will be automatically synced with your Mac laptop if your iPhone and Mac both are signed in with your Apple ID.


Hopefully, by going through the above-mentioned ways thoroughly you must have got the answer of how to transfer photos from iPhone to the laptop. There might be some other ways to transfer photos from an iPhone to a laptop but the above-mentioned solutions are surely some of the easiest ways for the transferring of photos from iPhone to Laptop.