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Microsoft Server Setup

Microsoft Server Setup
Microsoft Server Setup

Microsoft Server Setup Provider In Dubai

Servers are an essential requirement for businesses especially big enterprise businesses as they provide a central, secure, and reliable repository for your business data and for running essential business applications central to your business. Servers also provide network and data security, centralized access to the resources and controlling of the user accounts, and much more.

If you are also looking for a server setup or you want someone to monitor, manage, and maintain your business servers properly and with complete reliability then search no more.

AnyRepair Windows Server Setup Service:

AnyRepair has been providing authorized, Specialized, secure, and robust Microsoft server setup with management and monitoring services for the last 15 years. Over the years we have built a highly experienced team of IT technicians who specialize in setting up, management, and monitoring of Windows servers.

The Microsoft windows servers family is the most recommended range of servers, as they provide simple solutions for the multiple and varied needs of your business.

For your convenience, Microsoft offers custom solutions for your particular scalable business requirements.

AnyRepair offers fast and cost-efficient planning, configuring, installation, management, and monitoring of the Microsoft windows server versions of windows 2003, windows 2008, windows 2012, and Windows 2016 with timely and warranted service delivery.

AnyRepair Offers Its Server Setup Services Regarding:

  • 1. Microsoft Windows Server.
  • 2. Microsoft SQL Server.
  • 3. Active directory.
  • 4. Windows Exchange server.
  • 5. Configuration of DHCP, DNS, VPN, and many more...

AnyRepair Windows Server Support Services:

  • Windows Server 24/7 monitoring.
  • Windows server management.
  • Windows server reporting.
  • Active Directory Audit.
  • File server management.

Make us a call now at our contact numbers or leave us a message to get updated about the pricing details of our windows server setup.

Windows Server 2003

Microsoft windows server is the earliest released server from the windows server family, but it is the easiest to install, manage and maintain. Its simple wizards make it effortless to configure it to particular server roles according to your business requirements. Windows Server 2003 is easy to use and scalable with your business growth.

Windows Server 2008

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the extended version of the windows server 2003. This is server works particularly well for specific server roles such as for a printer server, DNS server, etc. Windows Server 2008 offers better security and its management and monitoring are quite easy.

Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 is a bit advanced addition in the Microsoft Windows Server family. It offers better storage options and cost-efficient solutions for your particular business needs which makes it a preferred choice for your business. This version of the Windows server operating system is easy to use, user-centric, and suitable for enterprises.

Why You Should GO For AnyRepair Server Setup Service?

First of all our expert technicians conduct a detailed consultation with our clients and recommend them the best version of windows servers most suitable to their business needs.

AnyRepair cares about the highly valuable time of our clients, therefore our priority is to provide top-notch server setup services to our clients in the minimum amount of time, usually, our technicians take just a few hours to complete the whole process to set up the server.

AnyRepair Provides 24/7 management and monitoring of the windows servers so our clients can rest assure about the network and data security and they can properly focus on their business matters.

AnyRepair provides the most cost-effective and timely Microsoft Server Setup and management services in town. Just make us a call and our technicians will be super quick to respond to you.

Why You Should Trust Our Service?

At AnyRepair our main goal is to satisfy our clients every time, therefore we have been offering authorized and warranted windows setup services for the last 15 years. It is our high standard services that have won us the trust and confidence of hundreds of our clients.

It is the part of our policy that we never charge anything from our clients till the successful service delivery and client satisfaction.

So call us now for the best Microsoft Server Setup and management services in town. We can guarantee that you will end up having a great experience with us.